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Takeoff Technologies Partners with Leading Chilean Food Retailer

BOSTON – [29.11.2022] - Takeoff Technologies, the leading eGrocery solution that empowers grocers to thrive online using their micro fulfillment technology, has partnered with SMU to launch the first micro fulfillment center (MFC) in Latin America. 

The micro fulfillment technology will bring innovative grocery automation to the Chilean grocery market. First, grocery shoppers will place their orders via SMU’s online platform. From there, SMU employees will use their Takeoff MFC to fulfill the order quickly and affordably. Using Takeoff’s eGrocery technology, five minutes of labor can fulfill an average order of 25 items. SMU has provided a glass window between their store floor and the MFC to invite shoppers to view the robots in action, to see how SMU is using this technology to fulfill their online orders.

“As the global leaders in micro fulfillment, we are laser-focused on SMU’s success and helping them to meet evolving shopper expectations,” said José Vicente Aguerrevere, co-founder and CEO of Takeoff. “Together, we are automating the Chilean supermarket – which has never been done before.” 

Takeoff’s ongoing objective is to develop hyperlocal fulfillment centers that unlock efficiency online that fuel retailer success. Takeoff is working with retail chains internationally. There are currently 25 MFCs in operation with several additional sites in development.

“We are excited to partner with SMU to launch the first MFC in Latin America,” said José Vicente Aguerrevere, “Our automated, hyperlocal micro-fulfillment centers are now enabling grocers to thrive in Chile and beyond.”

Marcelo Gálvez, CEO of SMU, stated, “We are very excited to take our e-commerce operation to a world-class level using Takeoff technology, which will allow us to absorb up to five times greater demand and improve the experience of our customers by delivering more accurate orders, in a timely manner.”

Takeoff is scaling rapidly with over 270 employees and partnerships with 12 grocery retailers. Takeoff’s MFCs are built in urban and suburban locations, resulting in convenient and hyperlocal solutions for grocery shoppers globally. Retailers can also leverage underutilized real estate by turning existing stores into MFCs with Takeoff’s technology. 

About Takeoff:

Takeoff offers an eGrocery solution that empowers to thrive online using Micro-Fulfillment Centers: small, robotic fulfillment centers that can be leveraged at a hyperlocal scale. Orders are placed online through established retailers, and Takeoff’s automated technology fulfills the order. Takeoff has dozens of operational Micro Fulfillment Centers in place, with many to follow in the upcoming years. Takeoff is growing rapidly, with a total capital of $200M raised to date. Takeoff has proudly announced partnerships with some of the largest supermarket chains in the world. To learn more, visit


About SMU:

SMU is a leading food retailer in Chile, satisfying the needs of its B2C and B2B customers with multiple formats (Unimarc, Alvi, Mayorista 10 and Super10) and broad geographic coverage, with operations in all 16 regions of the country. SMU also has a growing presence in Peru, through the brands Mayorsa and Maxiahorro.

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