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We provide hardware, cloud orchestration, industrial AI, data-driven analytics, partnership, and support. Each piece of our technology fits into the next, building one cohesive solution.
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A timelapse of an MFC being built in one of Takeoff's partner facilities.

Building a Micro Fulfillment network

Takeoff works with you to build a strategic network of capabilities. Together, we analyze your shopper’s preferences and online demand by region. From there, we help you select the right size, configuration, and placement of each site within your network. Finally, we establish a project roadmap to construct your network of sites.

If you are a new client, we can implement your first live site within months. We take the time to understand, integrate, and configure business process logic, so our solution fits into your eGrocery strategy.

An employee at one of Takeoff's partner facilities picks groceries using Takeoff's MFC.

Fulfilling eGrocery orders

Our fulfillment process is designed to offer a superior online shopping experience. We provide accurate, real-time inventory information, which means no substitutions or out-of-stocks. Our Micro Fulfillment Centers are close to the shopper, allowing for convenient pickup or delivery. The precision of the Takeoff solution means orders are completed on schedule.

Behind the scenes, our grocery fulfillment solution helps you balance timing, item availability, and labor planning to prioritize, queue, and fulfill orders with ease. Using automation, manual, batch, and in-store processes, we balance the volume of orders with the necessary labor, helping you serve multiple customer experiences simultaneously.

An employee at one of Takeoff's partner facilities decants groceries into Takeoff's MFC.

Staying in Stock

Takeoff provides data-driven recommendations to help replenish your system efficiently. Our fast throughput reduces excess stock on hand and enables seamless adjustments to meet real-time consumer demands. We highlight slow-moving inventory allowing you to prioritize high-demand items.

Food safety is our priority. Takeoff automatically tracks expiration dates. Our system recognizes categories such as raw, chilled, chemical, and more, to separate them appropriately and store them at their ideal temperatures. The Takeoff system is constantly monitoring and learning, continuously making better recommendations

An illustration that shows puzzle pieces. Each puzzle piece has a smaller illustration on top, including a computer, a grocery cart, a speech bubble, a piggy bank, a cellphone, and a document.

Continuous innovation

Takeoff is committed to constant improvement. We enhance our existing technology by introducing new features and leveraging our industry expertise to develop forward-thinking innovations. We remain at the forefront of technology to ensure your continual success.

We give you the tools to optimize your micro fulfillment capabilities. Our global customer success team will partner with you on an ongoing basis to train, service, and maintain your hyperlocal micro fulfillment network.

Meet our grocery automation partners

Takeoff partners with best-in-class providers to strengthen our grocery automation solution.
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