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Takeoff's Grocery Automation

Shopper Satisfaction

We help you delight your shoppers by offering affordable online groceries, no substitutions, and flexible delivery and pickup times (<30 minutes to next day).


A Takeoff facility brings in $25-30M in GMV per year, with a cost-to-serve that is lower than your traditional brick and mortar supermarket.


Our solution can be implemented in months for new customers, and we have the capacity to deploy 100s of new sites per year.


Our automated fulfillment is 20 times faster than manual in-store fulfillment. With Takeoff, you can offer the quick turnaround your shoppers value.


With >99% uptime, you can count on our system to work when you need it. Our customer success team is standing by 24/7 to support you.


After fulfilling over 10 million real customer orders, we have identified the precise capabilities you need to be successful online.


Quality yields quality. The precision and specialization of Takeoff’s solution ensures that you will be able to deliver the highest quality experience to your shoppers.


Our primary goal is ensuring the success of your micro fulfillment solution. That’s why we offer personalized client support to help you get the most out of Takeoff.

Grocery Automation Challenges

We understand that bringing groceries online presents a number of challenges. Here’s how Takeoff can help.

Balance manual in-store fulfillment with automation.

Takeoff preserves the in-store shopper experience by balancing manual and automated fulfillment, within the same space. Our technology ensures affordable and fast fulfillment.

Resolve complications with third-party online or delivery players.

We enable you to seamlessly connect with first party and third party orders with your micro fulfillment solution.

Increase efficiency and reduce food waste while delivering quality online ordering experiences.

Takeoff keeps days-on-hand purposefully low to minimize shrink and inventory holding costs. Our solution is a highly controlled environment, designed for fast, high-quality picking.

Achieve online profitability through hyper-local micro fulfillment solutions.

We have developed the only profitable micro fulfillment solution on the market. We are partnered with the top grocery retailers globally enabling them to achieve ongoing profitability.

We empower you to provide diverse experiences for various users across multiple channels.

An illustration of a woman on her laptop ordering groceries while two children play nearby.


The parent of four

Cora is online ordering her regular stock up groceries for her family of five. She wants them delivered tomorrow between 2 and 3 pm to ensure that each of her kids have their favorite after school snack.

An illustration of a man in a rideshare car ordering groceries on his phone


The party goer

Kendrick is taking a rideshare to a party, but he forgot that he was supposed to bring chips and dip. He orders through the rideshare app to have them delivered to the party at the same time he is scheduled to arrive.

An illustration of a young woman running and ordering groceries on her phone


The busy student

Alma is juggling work and school, and she doesn’t have time to walk through the store. Even though she orders online, she wants to save money on delivery by picking up her groceries on her way home.

An illustration of an older man strolling through a grocery store


The in-store enthusiast

Mark loves shopping in-store. He likes to smell the flowers, read labels, and squeeze the avocados himself. He goes to the grocery store around the corner where he can nagivate the aisles freely, without bumping into picking carts.

Takeoff works behind the scenes to enable each shopper experiences.

A diagram of Takeoff's MFC. It shows 1) a girl picking up her groceries 2) a grocery store floor without any in-store pickers 3) someone monitoring the MFC, which exists in a small back room in the grocery store, 4) the MFC itself, which is proportionally small compared to the store itself, and 5) the delivery area with a truck and a 3rd party car.



Shoppers like Alma use Takeoff’s temperature controlled lockers for quick and convenient pickup at their local store.


In-store Experience

The store floor is clear of third party pickers, so that in-store shoppers like Mark are free to explore and enjoy their shopping experience.


Command Center

Takeoff prioritizes orders for you based on order volume, labor, and timing. We handle the complexity, making it easy to juggle multiple orders.


High Throughput

Takeoff’s MFC can fulfill an order of 25 items in 5 minutes. We can help you fill over 1800 orders per day.



Orders are staged for delivery (traditional and 3p app) so shoppers like Cora and Kendrick can receive their groceries at their preferred times.

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