We are a dedicated team of professionals with a passion for grocery automation.

Our grocery automation solution was created with the grocer and the shopper in mind. Grocery is a complex industry, and bringing groceries online presents a number of unique challenges. We don’t let that stop us! Our team is on a mission to transform the grocery industry for the better.

Takeoff was founded in the fall of 2016 by José Vicente Aguerrevere and Max Pedró. Both Max and José bring a wealth of knowledge and passion for grocery from over a decade of executive experience in the grocery industry. Since then, Takeoff has flourished. We are over 180 employees around the globe, and growing!

We are on a mission to transform the grocery industry. We work together to reach new milestones and motivate each other towards excellence.

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A photo of cofounders Jose and Max enjoying a drink the night they dreamt up Takeoff


Takeoff founded

Takeoff was founded in the fall of 2016 by our co-founders, José Vicente Aguerrevere and Max Pedró.

A sampling of Takeoff's partner logos, including Knapp, Hussmann, and Google


Launched our partnership program

In 2017 we partnered with our robotics and automation partner KNAPP. In the following years we partnered with additional solution partners including Hussmann and Google.

A photo of cofounders Max and Jose smiling in front of the first MFC


First site launched

In 2018 we proudly launched our first micro fulfillment site in Miami, FL, marking the “Worlds First Robotic Supermarket.”

A party scene of Takeoff's employees celebrating hiring 100


Grew to 100 employees

In 2019 we exponentially grew our team to over 100 employees, shifting from a startup to an early growth company.

A construction scene outdoors beginning the first international MFC


Launched our first international site

In 2020 we began building our first international site, ensuring that the sun would never set on Takeoff.

A photo of Takeoff's 20th MFC


Launched our 20th site

In 2022, we are gearing up to expand. We have launched over 20 live sites and have dozens more in the pipeline.

 A photo of Takeoff employees standing proudly in front of a live and working MFC.

We are on a mission to transform the way people access groceries.

Takeoff’s micro fulfillment solution is so efficient that we can operate at a lower cost-to-serve than a traditional brick & mortar store. This has the power to unlock cheaper grocery prices and democratize access to quality, nutritious foods around the world. We are passionate about using innovation to remove barriers.

Leadership Team

José Vicente Aguerrevere

CEO & Co-Founder

Mitchell Freeman


Matthew Barnes

Chief Technology Officer

Curt Avallone

Chief Business Officer

Our board and advisory members

Annette Franqui

Founding Partner of Forrestal Capital

Michael Chu

Co-Founder & Managing Director at The IGNIA Fund

Woods Staton

Executive Chairman of the Board of Arcos Dorado

Juan Simón Mendoza

Member of the Board of Directors of Bebidas Polar, C.A. & Alimentos Polar, C.A.

James McCann

Advisory Board Member
Founder of Food Retail Ventures
Former CEO of Tesco/Carrefour & Ahold USA

Max Pedro

Advisory Board Member
Former CEO & Co-founder at Takeoff
Former President at Takeoff
Former Vice President at Walmart

Zach LaValley

Advisory Board Member
Former President and Chief Technology Officer at Takeoff
Former VP of Engineering at athenahealth

Alfredo Millan

Advisory Board Member
Former Chief Design & Innovation Officer at Takeoff
Former Planning Manager at Wayfair

Takeoff employees dressed in Halloween costumes

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