Our Microfullfillment Center lets you do what you do best — faster and cheaper.

We work with you to integrate our automated grocery fulfillment solution into your existing business. The Microfulfillment Center sits inside your store, working alongside your employees to fulfill orders. We help you embrace eCommerce on your own terms.

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Unlike other models, Takeoff provides a flexible and viable eGrocery solution.


Takeoff offers the only eGrocery solution that generates profits. We are transforming eGrocery into a viable option for you and your customers.


We partnered with KNAPP, a global leader in automated picking technology. KNAPP has been building reliable and efficient hardware for over 50 years.


Our Microfulfillment Center only takes up ⅛ of a traditional store’s space, and can be assembled in a matter of months.

End-to-end solution

Our flexible end-to-end solution covers everything you need: customer UI, assortment, fulfillment, spoke routing, pickup/delivery, and replenishment!

Streamlined operations

Our Microfulfillment Center can assemble an average order in fewer than 15 minutes. That’s 10x faster than manual picking in a store!


We have the flexibility to place our Microfulfillment Center so close to where customers live and shop, that we drastically reduce the last-mile cost.

End to end solution, tailored to your needs.

See what we have to offer. Takeoff works with you to implement our solution into your existing business.

User interface

Our friendly user interface places your store right at your customer's fingertips. An automated grocery order is just one click away!

Assortment and content management

Our system is highly advanced, allowing for unlimited category trees to optimize assortment, and powerful search functions within your app.


An order can take up to an hour to fill with manual fulfillment. Our Microfulfillment Center can pick an order within minutes!

Spoke routing

We support spoke routing through a hub-and- spoke model, to optimize your transportation costs and deliver on convenience.

Customer pickup and delivery

Our Microfulfillment Center is highly efficient, giving you the freedom to offer same-day pick up and delivery options to your customers.


Our replenishment options guide you through ordering. We help you order the right product in the right quantity.

Interested? Let's work together!

You decide how Takeoff’s eGrocery solution will be implemented in your store. We collaborate with you to build a successful eGrocery partnership.

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