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KNAPP and Takeoff Technologies Announce Multi-Site Rollout of Micro Fulfillment Grocery Automation Solution

KNAPP and Takeoff Technologies Announce Multi-Site Rollout of Micro Fulfillment Grocery Automation Solution

$150M Order In Place to Build Sites for US National and Regional Grocery Retailers, Expanding eCommerce Fulfillment Capabilities

Chicago, IL. – April 8, 2019 – Today, KNAPP and Takeoff Technologies confirmed a $150M, 50 site order that will take their partnership to the next level, representing one of the most significant events in Grocery Automation adoption to date.

Takeoff offers a Micro Fulfillment Solution that allows grocers to thrive in an online environment, filling grocery orders faster and at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods. Takeoff’s solution is powered by their grocery expertise and technology, paired with KNAPP’s history of automation leadership.

As the partnership between Takeoff and KNAPP accelerates into a new stage of deployment at scale, Takeoff’s solution and implementation capabilities continue to improve. Consistent with KNAPP’s proven track record for innovation and operational excellence, both companies are implementing a second-generation design that will increase throughput and reduce friction in the construction process. One key element of this design is a new open-shuttle technology that will optimize the space needed for order sorting, while adding flexibility to the overall design and operation of the Micro Fulfillment Center.

In addition to these upgrades, Takeoff is assembling dedicated Implementation Teams to allow for a fast-track implementation strategy, and to give them the capability to deploy multiple sites per week. “It is extremely exciting to take our partnership between Takeoff and KNAPP to the next level, and deliver on our promise of reliability, affordability and scalability,” said José Vicente Aguerrevere, co-founder and CEO of Takeoff. Takeoff’s existing partners and future clients will certainly benefit from the accelerated deployment capabilities, as they unlock the ability to fulfill at least $1 billion in annual eCommerce sales. “By the end of 2020, Takeoff will have accumulated at least $2 billion in gross merchandise volume for our retail partners,” explained Max Pedró, co-founder and president of Takeoff. “Takeoff and KNAPP’s solution will cement us as world leaders in hyperlocal automated fulfillment.”

About Takeoff

Takeoff offers a Grocery Automation Solution that empowers retailers to attain profitable online growth by leveraging automation at a hyper-local scale. Orders are placed online through established retailers (either using their existing eCommerce platform, or Takeoff’s customized UI solution), and Takeoff’s automated technology fulfills the order using robots in Micro Fulfillment Centers. Takeoff has several operational Micro Fulfillment Centers in place, with many to follow in the upcoming years. Takeoff is growing rapidly, with a total capital of $62M raised to date. Takeoff has proudly announced partnerships with Ahold Delhaize, Albertsons, and Sedano’s, with additional domestic and international partners to be disclosed shortly. To learn more, visit


KNAPP is an internationally operating company and is one of the world market leaders in warehouse logistics and automation with over 4000 employees worldwide. As a solutions provider, KNAPP provides one-stop, custom-designed intralogistics solutions in health care, retail, apparel, food, manufacturing and ecommerce sectors. Our clients experience results that are flexible, resource efficient, ergonomic and self-learning. The company’s North American headquarters are in Atlanta, GA. For more information, visit

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